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Residence Hotel Parioli

The Residence Hotel Parioli team welcomes you and wishes you a pleasant stay.

The Reception is available for any kind of need: maintenance, service, fax, e-mail, photocopy, telegrams, booking air and train tickets, bus and metro tickets, theater tickets, reservations, concerts and exhibitions, restaurant reservations, booking transfers and pick-ups, flowers, rental cars, scooters, bicycle tours, babysitting services, fitness center, wellness center, massage, medical services, personal shopping.

Check-in time is from 4:00 pm.
Check-out time is 11:00 am.

Medical Emergency:
With reference to the Covid-19 pandemic, we inform our guests that all necessary devices are used regularly in our facility, such as gloves, masks, disposable and sanitizing suits. The environments, both the common areas and the individual apartments/rooms, are sanitized daily also using specific machinery.

To call Front Desk dial n° 9 or *9.
Another suite dial n° 2 followed by the suite number.
An outside number dial n° 0 followed by the number.
Abroad, dial n° 0 followed by the country code and the number.
For wake-up call contact the Concierge or dial “18” and enter time (HH-2 digits) and minutes (MM-2 digits), wait for the signal and hang up. To cancel the wake-up ask the Concierge.

The breakfast is served from 7:00 to 10:00 am (from Monday to Friday) and from 8:00 to 11:00 am (Saturday – Sunday and public holidays). The special rate is Euro 8,00 per person per day (if isn’t includes in your rate).

The bar is located on the ground floor, located in the lobby of the structure.

The apartment has an electronic safe located in the closet with instructions. The structure is not responsible for personal objects and values left in the apartment.

The Residence Hotel Parioli offers free Wi-Fi internet connection. To login contact Reception.

Except Sundays and public holidays, you can have laundry service for personal clothing. Inside the closet you will find the bag to put dirty clothes and the rate list. The service will be completed within 48 hours after delivery. Otherwise, the structure has a laundry self-service. For more information contact Reception.

Residence Hotel Parioli has a large private car park useful to guarantee a parking space for the guests of the structure. For more information contact Reception.

Breakfast, minibar, bar, fax, telephone, washing dishes, laundry, parking.